10 Things You Have To Know About Vegetables : calories and vitamins

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9.Healthy snacks

 It improves the quality of your diet. Nutrient-dense foods help you meet recommended intake levels of nutrients and food group servings. Human Services states that the average American eats suggested amount whole grains, vegetables, dairy products and seafood. You can work toward achieving these goals with snacks such as whole-grain, fruit with oatmeal and cut vegetables with yogurt. It can replace your energy stores and speed up muscle recovery. A healthy snack for workout recovery includes carbohydrates and a small amount of protein. After you eat a meal or snack, your blood sugar levels rise and then decrease. Snacks can prevent your blood sugar levels from dropping too much between meals. It can lead to sugar highs and subsequent energy crashes, healthy snacks promote more sustained blood sugar levels and energy. High-fiber, high-protein snacks, such as carrots with bean dip, slow to digest.

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