10 Ways To Burn Up To 60% More Calories Every Exercise

10 Ways To Burn Up To 60% More Calories Every Exercise


No matter if you’re new to exercise or an experienced gym-goer, these simple tweaks can help you speed up weight loss, push through plateaus, and get more muscle-toning benefits out of every workout—and each technique has science on its side. Best of all, many of these easy moves work to jump-start a lagging metabolism so you continue to burn extra calories throughout the day—even while you sleep!

1. Swing those arms.

Turn your walking into a calorie-torching workout by bending your elbows 90 degrees and pumping your arms as you stride. It not only automatically speeds up your pace but helps you burn up to 15% more calories every time you work out. For proper pumping: Trace an arc from your waist to your chest as you swing. Your thumbs should come close to touching your waistband as your elbow goes backward. Also, make sure to keep elbows in and don’t let hands cross past the middle of your chest (in front of your sternum). Too much side-to-side motion drags down your pace.

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