5 Best Bodybuilding Training Tips You’ve Never Heard


1. Start Your Workouts With The Exercises You Hate The Most

Most people have a few favorite exercises for each body part, and they’re more likely to do those movements religiously in their workouts. Difficult, complex, or challenging exercises that are just plain hard to perform are often missing from these workouts, because they’re the ones people typically hate most.

As an example, few beginners enjoy leg day, and the one exercise they steer clear of the most is the squat. Leg extensions, on the other hand, well, they aren’t so bad. But which one delivers more bang for your buck? That’s easy: multijoint, free-weight exercises like the squat have been proven to be superior to single-joint moves and machine work. Multijoint moves have been linked to a greater release of muscle-building hormones like testosterone and growth hormone. Moreover, if you’ve avoided them until now, your muscles are likely to respond to a growth spurt.

Over time, you’ll learn that the most difficult movements are actually the ones that deliver the best results. Instead of avoiding them, include them regularly in your workouts, and do them first before fatigue sets in so you can use a really challenging weight.

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