5 Best Bodybuilding Training Tips You’ve Never Heard


2. Stop Doing The Same Thing Over And Over Again

“I still see many trainees using the same sets and reps, performing the same exercises day in and day out,” says Grenade athlete Melih Cologlu. “That doesn’t bode well for your body, which requires change for further adaptation.”

In the presence of good nutrition, a novel training stimulus forces the muscle fibers to rebuild themselves and grow stronger and thicker than before. But the impact of the stimulus begins to fade over time as the body adapts, so you have to continue increasing the overload in some way or you simply won’t make any further adaptations. You can add more weight, do more reps, or decrease your rest intervals to continue making further gains.

Changing up your rep targets and intensity techniques—like using forced reps, partial reps, or negatives, and others—can also introduce variety and novelty into your workouts, but these techniques should be included in a well thought-out strategy rather than just randomly applied.

“What’s worked for me is alternating between low-rep weeks and high-rep weeks, making changes to all those variables listed,” says Cologlu. “If you hit a plateau, I also recommend rest-pause training, which has helped me break through plateaus. Another favorite is variable-resistance training using bands or chains.”

“Making strategic changes to your workouts keeps plateauing at bay,” agrees Grenade’s Vinny Russo. “Once you get comfortable, you tend to stay there. This limits your physical potential, because you’re no longer progressing. Get out of that comfort zone and push your limits. Once you become accustomed to that style of training, manipulate another variable to keep making it a challenge!”

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