5 Best Bodybuilding Training Tips You’ve Never Heard


4. Expand Your Exercise Repertoire

Identifying new movements you’d like to try isn’t difficult; in fact, it’s only a click away on Bodybuilding.com. We constantly feature unusual exercise variations, such as new twists on triceps and back workouts, from our roster of athletes and experts.

Besides trying movements that are new to you, do existing ones you already like with different kinds of equipment, or a change in grip, stance, or body position. Making even small-scale changes works the target musculature in slightly different ways than it’s used to, allowing you to more thoroughly work the muscle.

“I usually perform the big three movements [bench press, deadlift, and squat] in the traditional manner, but I constantly vary most of my other exercises, trying to isolate the same muscle groups by hitting them with different exercises and from different angles,” says Cologlu.

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