5 Best hypothyroidism Diet for Weight Loss

Weight Loss

5 Best hypothyroidism Diet for Weight Loss

Weight Loss

What Makes It Difficult To Lose Weight With Hypothyroidism? How Can You Treat It?

Obesity is killing more people across the globe than road accidents, amnesia and few other diseases combined together! This fact might surprise you but this is what is happening across the world because of unhealthy food habits and inadequate knowledge of the concerns of hypothyroidism and obesity.

Hypothyroidism has been related to excess weight gain as when the TSH level exceeds the reference range, there is an increase in the body mass index along with the weight of the person and that leads to obesity.

If you have hypothyroidism, you are already prone to gaining extra pounds and over the top, losing weight with hypothyroidism becomes almost next to impossible if you are not too determined and following the perfect procedure to do so.

Why is it so difficult?

  • You might be wondering why it becomes such a difficult thing to lose weight with the higher TSH level. There are few factors which don’t let you lose the amount of weight you want to and they are-
  • The treatment for hypothyroidism is still related only to maintaining the TSH level in the reference range with medicines but not adapting to any other natural procedures to keep it under control. In short, the treatment for hypothyroidism is not adequate yet.
  • Traditional treatment for thyroid concentrates mainly on the supply of T4 hormone where our body also needs T3. Moreover, people with malnutrition, genetic disorders, and other problems need more amount of T3. It has been observed that people, who are treated with both the hormones, tend to lose weight naturally.
  • Hypothyroidism changes the chemistry of the brain cells and as all the activities like metabolism, hunger, fat storage or the ability to burning fat from the food you take and satiety changes over the course of time leaving you to get obese and suffer.
  • Insulin released from the pancreas helps in the breaking down of the carbohydrates. Due to hypothyroidism, the body of the patient becomes resistant to this enzyme and slowly the blood sugar level increase in the person which can also lead to obesity.
  • It has also been observed that Leptin which is used by the body to burn fat doesn’t work properly with hypothyroidism.

How can you fight against these problems and lose weight?

You might be by now understood why it is so difficult to lose weight having hypothyroidism but it is not impossible. Moreover, it is mandatory for the people with hypothyroidism to lose weight to control their thyroid. Here are some tips to reduce weight and thyroid –

Medicines on right time:

If you have a thyroid, you have to take medicines for controlling it. But thyroid medicine has to be taken at the perfect time regularly otherwise it won’t be of any help. You must have the medicine at least half an hour prior to your breakfast. You should also avoid having any other medicine with the thyroid one for better results.

Physical activity:

Thyroid and weight loss both can be treated with a good amount of physical activity throughout the day. Keep a healthy schedule for working out and practice free hand at home. You can even do some homely activities like dusting, cleaning to keep yourself physically active all the day long.

Cut down the intake of carbs, gluten, sugary items:

As out body becomes resistant to insulin, heavy intake of sugary items, carbs can lead to diabetes too and obviously, you are not going to lose any pound if you don’t cut these items from your diet.

Avoid inflammatory foods:

Inflammatory foods can worsen the joint pains, add to your body weight and increase the level of TSH, which you must not want, right? So, try sticking to green veggies, fruits and nuts and seafood especially fishes to control your thyroid and weight.

Follow a proper diet and eat frequently in a small amount:

This is a must when you have insulin resistance, hypothyroidism, and obesity. Have a small amount of food but have it after every 2-3 hours. This way you will feel fuller as well as your emotional eating habit will vanish (if you have).

Following these tips, you can feel a little better, confident as you start losing few unwanted pounds from your body. Naturally, you will be healthier and wiser with the choices you make about your food and habits.

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