6 Foods to Stop Eating Immediately

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6 Foods to Stop Eating Immediately

Belly Fat

Have you heard the notion that everything’s fine in moderation? Well, that’s simply not true! If what you’re having in moderation is processed, bleached and highly sugared food, then no moderation this or moderation that will help you out. What you’re actually doing is slowly, but surely poisoning your body. The foods to avoid immediately are fast food, soda, candy, processed snacks and bleached flour! Of course the list goes on, but these are at the top.

1. Fried food

Let’s be honest, for a lot of people-fried food tastes good. However, what if I told you that the price of that flavor could be equal to cancer. A great deal of research has found correlations between fried food (most especially meats) and cancer. A recent 2010 study concluded that consuming fried meats could double the chance of a person developing bladder cancer! Not only that, eating a lot of fried foods has also been shown to increase chances of asthma.

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