7 Best Foods For Women

Weight Loss

4. Milk

The consumption of milk dates back to over 7000 years. In the earlier stages of discovering milk, it was assumed that people who belonged to areas that do not receive adequate sunlight, should consume milk. This thought originated from the fact that as they were unable to get enough vitamin D, due to lack of sunlight, they needed milk as a supplement. People first start drinking milk for its various health benefits in Europe, and this trend was spread by the Balkans. There is a specific gene that makes our bodies lactose tolerant and able to consume fresh milk. Being inactive, bad postures, eating unhealthy foods, are all factors that can lead to developing symptoms associated with bone density loss. It contains 113 mg for a glass of full cream milk. This is an extremely good amount to help prevent bone damage and deterioration. It is often considered the supreme source of calcium.

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